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The Color Issue

Aug. 2nd, 2007 | 01:51 pm

Mmkay, because of recent events in my life, I have decided to make my next issue of Just That Good about racism and such.

Therefore leading me to ask for submissions that have anything and everything to do with racism, ethnicity, cultures, different races, interracial couples/dating/marriages....anything...really. As long as it has to do with that.

Anything from rants, raves, poems, short stories, personal stories, prose, art, collages will do for me.

If you want to send anything to me by mail, please send it to:

Becca Confidential
PO Box 60570
Fort Worth, TX 76134

Anything else can be sent to justthatgoodzine AT gmail DOT com

I'd prefer artwork be sent by mail, but if you would rather send a scan, then either make it to fit on a halfsize zine or size it down to fit that.


Any questions or anything? There's no definite deadline as of now because I have no idea when I'll get to start really working on this zine. I still have nine copies of my other issue left that I need to deal out and all that great stuff.

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Just That Good #14

Apr. 26th, 2007 | 02:40 pm
mood: artisticartistic

Okay yall.  So, it's official.  Work is under way on my next issue of Just That Good!!  I'm very excited about this one because it's all about The Rocky Horror Picture Show!!  That's something that I'm incredibly in love with and I thought it would be a really fun issue to do.

ANNNNNNND!  This is the first time that I'm ever going to do individual covers!  Below is just a sample of the cover.  It's not entirely done yet and that's just the front.  I haven't done anything on the back yet, but I'm thinking that I'll put different lyrics to the different songs on each back cover.  You know, have a different song on the back of each zine.

Anyway.  This zine will be chock full of stuff about Rocky Horror and all it's awesomeness.  It's still very much under construction, but since I'm making individual covers, I'd kind of like to make enough to go around so that I won't be scrambling later to make more.  Right now I have 31 covers done.  This is not all I'll do if there is demand for it.  I would just like to make enough the first time around so that I won't be going back and forth with the paint and stencils and then to the copy shop to copy the zine's innards. 

Soooooo, if you are interested in a copy of this zine, Just That Good number 14, then Please shoot me an email at: justthatgoodzine at gmail dot com.  It will hopefully be done in the next three weeks give or take a week or two.

What it costs:
$2 or 2 stamps, or a trade.

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I is Alive

Apr. 5th, 2007 | 02:30 pm
mood: artisticartistic

'Tis true.

Becca Confidential is alive and well.

I'm working on my next issue of Just That Good.

It's just kind of taking a while because I've got school going on, all these projects and such.  I only have five weeks left, though, then I'm out for about a month and a half, then I have summer classes to take.

Anyway, I'll give you a hint about what my next issue is about:  a wonderfully Sweet Transvestite ;)

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Site Help

Mar. 16th, 2007 | 07:16 pm

Okay, so this is more of a lazy me kind of thing, but I've been trying to find someone to do this for me since December.

On my zine's website
There's this awesome blog on the index page. I want to have that blog as the text box on all the rest of my pages instead of the boring, rectangles that are there right now. I want my pages to be uniform with the blob.

I know that I can do it by splitting up the image of the blob in equal parts and then putting it all in a table format and bladibla, but that's a little too complex for me and I wanted to know if anyone else could do it.

If you know how to do this, or you know exactly where I can snag a code for that, then PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!

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The Marvelous Disaster of Revealing Your True Feelings

Feb. 15th, 2007 | 12:20 pm

The Marvelous Disaster of Revealing Your True Feelings is the title of my new memoir zine.  This was going to be part of my regular zine, Just That Good, but I decided that the story within these pages was just too personal to include in Just That Good, so I branched it off into it's own little memoir zine series.

For more info or to ask about getting a copy, e-mail me at :
justthatgoodzine AT gmail DOT com

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Photocopied Heart

Dec. 18th, 2006 | 08:43 pm

Well, I know I did this a few months back, but no one else has done it since, so I shall do this once again!

Come join us at Photocopied Heart! It's this great zine message board where zinesters get together and talk about all things zines....and all things not zines! It's quite fun and we're all friendly!

It's been a bit dead lately, so if you're in need of talking to other zinesters then come on and come join us!

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Oct. 27th, 2006 | 10:47 pm


I'd been meaning to update it for about two months now...



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Irish Zines (x-post)

Oct. 9th, 2006 | 05:49 pm

Okay, I want some Irish zines.  I've just have GOT to have some Irish zines.  I want to know about the culture and everything...so pretty much anything published in Ireland would be awesome.

I'll trade you my zine plus some stamps for it.

e-mail me!!

justthatgoodzine [AT] gmail [.] com


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Some Stamps?

Sep. 16th, 2006 | 02:54 pm

Okay, so I've decided that I will accept stamps as payment for my zine.  Of course, I will still be doing trades, I don't think I could ever NOT do a trade.

So, for my zine, please send me one or two 39 cent stamps as payment for my zine.  I will love you forever if you send me some stamps instead of money.  Just e-mail me at justthatgoodzine@gmail.com if you want my address.

Remember, just e-mail me at justthatgoodzine@gmail.com if you need my address or have any questions!!


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Help with a personal project!!

Sep. 14th, 2006 | 05:44 pm
mood: excitedexcited

Okay, so I have some more questions, but these go for anyone and everyone who writes zines.

Seventeen Magazine is doing a Guest Editor Contest, and I would really, really like to win one of the five spots, even though I don't really agree with the magazine, it's still an amazing opportunity.  So, I need help compiling a news story about zines.  <b>PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT zineitordie@hotmail.com WITH YOUR ANSWERS!!</B>


1) Why do you think it's important that we have zines in this world?

2) Why do you think it's important for individuals to write their own zines?

3) Explain to me why YOU write zines, and why you encourage others to start their own zines (if applicable).

4) Do you think zine-writing is beggining to become a "trend" among younger people, and if so, do you think this is a good or bad thing?

5) How do you personally feel about zines and how have they affected you as a person?

6) What do you think is the reason many people start zines?  What is the reason that you started a zine?

7) And finally, please add anything extra that you think will aide me in writing my news story entry.

Thanks so much, and remember...E-MAIL THESE ANSWERS TO: zineitordie@hotmail.com

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